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Author and Illustrator David Kirk is the creator of the Miss Spider books, including Miss Spider’s Tea Party, Miss Spider’s Wedding, Miss Spider’s New Car, Miss Spider’s ABC, Little Miss Spider, and many more. Miss Spider also stars in her own television series, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends. David’s other books include Nova’s Ark, Twinkle Twinkle Little Hedgehog, Little Bird Biddle Bird, Little Pig Biddle Pig, Little Bunny Biddle Bunny, Little Mouse Biddle Mouse, Oh So Tiny Bunny, Oh So Brave Dragon, among many others.

His newest book, My Hugging Rules, is available now.

An inventor and toy maker, he started Ovicular Toyworks, and Hoobert Toys. He is the creator of Sunny Patch toys and Garden Products and of David Kirk’s Fun House toys.

His newest toy, Art Face by David Kirk is available in the Appstore and Google Play.

All images © 2016 David Kirk