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Dress Oh So Tiny

Here are some ways for you to dress your bunny.

The simplest way is to print out Oh So A and color him any way you like.

Oh So likes to dream. Think about what kinds of dreams a bunny might have and decorate his pajamas to look like those dreams.

You can also print Oh So's front and back (A and B) and glue them together to make more room for your dreamy designs. You might even be able to print them on both sides of one sheet of paper.


If you're feeling very crafty, print out the bare bunny's front and back (C and D) and paste them together. Print out his pajamas (E and F) separately.

Draw Oh So's dreams or whatever you choose on the pajamas, cut them out, then glue them together using the tabs to dress your bare bunny.

How about designing some other clothes for Oh So?

And Oh So would surely like a bunny friend. Think up your own bunny to play with Oh So and make some outfits for him or her too!

Bunny and dragon
bunny and flowers

Clover as Tall as Trees coloring page

Oh So has a lot of clover to eat here. Remember that clover doesn't need to be green. Maybe Oh So would like some purple clover. Why shouldn't he have some yellow clover or some that's pink with blue spots?

Pick some colors and designs for Oh So's PJs. Don't make the sky blue because everyone else does. Sky comes in all colors - pick the ones you like best.

Print the page and color away!


As Big as a Dragon coloring page

Print the page and color it any way you like! What color are the flowers? Are they all the same or is each one different? Look at them closely, you may see them looking back! What color would you like the dragon to be? Should he have stripes, or polka dots?

Don't forget to draw something fun on Oh So's dream pajamas. What would a bunny like to see on his PJs? What pictures would you choose for your own pajamas? Do you suppose that Oh So might like those too?

bunnies and faces
bunnies who need faces

Funny Bunnies

Print the funny bunnies and their yummy clover and flowers.

Sometimes bunnies dream of being dark as night.

Try making your bunnies shadowy and mysterious. Sometimes they dream of being as colorful as a summer garden. What color would you like to be?

Color your bunnies the way you feel right now.


These poor blank bunnies need your help! Look at the bunny pictures below and think about how we make faces to express ourselves—how do our eyes look when we're happy? What about when we're worried or angry or confused or about to sneeze?

And what are our eyebrows doing all that time? What shapes are mouths and lips and cheeks? What parts of our faces wrinkle or squish?

Practice making funny faces in the mirror or take turns with a friend. Be happy, grumpy, angry, confused, sad, surprised, silly. Print the page and draw what you see. Give these bunnies a chance to express themselves.

bunny faces